Monday Night RAW Result & Photos

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Tonights edition of Monday Night RAW was a cause to celebrate, Except not for the BeliEVErs. Not only did Eve lose her championship to Kaitlyn but Eve quit WWE out of frustration during the WWE Active.

I would like to thank Eve from the bottom of my heart for doing her very best to entertain the believers. She has always been a great role model not only to her female fans but to us male fans as well. She has been nothing but the best. #ThankYouEve

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Monday Night Raw Report: January 7, 2012

We have added some screen captures & digitals of Eve from the January 7th edition of Monday Night RAW. Check them out below and be sure to check out a clip from the match (links below).

Kaitlyn’s pursuit of the Divas Championship continues to come up short, as the beautiful bruiser once again challenged Eve for the butterfly-emblazoned title and once again walked away with a technical victory, but not the championship. Eve willingly called off the Match despite dominating early on with her ground game and technical expertise. Once Kaitlyn rallied back, though, the Gracie-trained jiu-jitsu expert clearly wanted no part of her persistent challenger and vacated the ring after just a few minutes of action. Eve’s departure awarded Kaitlyn the victory via a count-out, but stopped the title from changing hands all the same.

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Monday Night Raw Report: December 31, 2012

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This week on Monday Night Raw it was champions choice. Eve chose Mae Young to face her for the Divas championship. Later in the show, backstage, Mae Young was not cleared to face Eve, so she was without opponent.


Eve went out to the ring and demanded the referee declare her winner via fore fit. Kaitlyn came out and began fighting with Eve.

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Monday Night Raw Report: November 5, 2012

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The Divas division descended into all-out physicality when Layla & Kaitlyn joined forces against the wily Divas Champion Eve & the powerful Aksana in a tag match that brought out some heretofore unseen aggression in the women of WWE.


Layla and Aksana began the contest, and Antonio Cesaro’s ex-girlfriend showed her true colors with a series of punishing attacks that left the fun-loving former Divas Champion strewn across the mat as slim pickings for Eve. When Aksana tagged in the champion, the bout turned into a straight-up beatdown as Eve put a bona fide stomping on the overmatched Layla.
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RAW Report & Photos for October 15th

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Eve defeated Layla to retain her Divas Championship.

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